internet marketing sales funnel

Do you have your Internet Marketing Sales Funnel setup right?

You need to setup a Front End Sales Funnel and a Back End Sales Funnel. The first thing to do write your sales funnel down for your website on paper. Then on paper you figure out what products you want to use at each point in your funnel.

Here is my plan for my Sales Funnel.

  • Sign-up: Need Free or Low Cost “High Value” Product to entice visitors to sign up for my website.
  • 1st One Time Offer: Need Product for my First One Time Offer. My Affiliates will get P of sales from this product.
  • 2nd One Time Offer: Need Product for my Second One Time Offer. Affiliates will get P of sales from this product.
  • Login Page: Put one Bonus Ad on the my login page since this is a free membership site.
  • Download Page: Put 2 or 3 Bonus Ads on all my download pages. I have three different download pages, so I will add my bonus ads on each.
  • Website Pages inside the Site: Add two or three small Banners on a few of my pages. I don’t want to over do it inside the site, with banners. These will be programs that I am an Affiliate of.
  • Logout Page: This is the page people are directed to after they logout of my membership site. I plan on having two or three Bonus Ads on this page.
  • Autoresponder: Setup a series of emails for all the products that I promote. Also need to setup series of emails with great information for my readers. Load these emails into my autoresponder.

Next I need to figure out what Products I want to use in each place.


I also need to figure out which of the Affiliate Programs that I belong to, that I want to promote inside my site.

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