sales funnel spreadsheet

Driving traffic to their website and enhancing their business opportunities is one of the main aims of online retailers. The website must be well organized and powerful enough to retain and hold the attention of visitors visiting the website.The site must guide visitors gently but firmly into the sales funnel.The better the understanding of web architecture and the sales funnel the more likely you will to increase your sales.

The sales funnel is the pathway your visitor travels on the road to make a purchase.

The Home Page or Landing Page is where your visitors first land on your site. It is important to ensure that the page is full of content that is about the particular keywords your visitor searched for before being sent to your site. This will reduce the bounce rate i.e. the number of readers moving away from the site after going through the landing page. Include an effective call to action step that skilfully navigates the reader to a category or product page.

Visitors are subdivided into a selling segment in the category page.For instance visitors who reach your page searching for tennis racquets may click on other categories such as comedy horror drama or romance. Visitors searching for specific information and who are prepared to buy are the most likely to use the category page.For example a visitor who visits your landing page may click on large electronic goods. This page will lead them to the products page where he may click and navigate to the page on television DVD players or computers product page.

Add attractive pictures of products on product pages.If possible include powerful media attributes such as zoom coloration and 3D viewing.It is also essential to describe the products in detail and list benefits. Users should be moved to add the item to the cart.

The next step in the sales funnel architecture is the shopping cart. Various options must be provided in the shopping cart such as change quantities look at contents calculate shipping and handling and visualizing products. Use effective words such as proceed to checkout or add another item as a call to action.

The next stage is the check out page.This page should include methods to gather the information required for billing and shipping the product. Online retailers should incorporated user friendly features that allow visitors to move back through the entire shopping process without having to re-enter information on the checkout page except of course the credit card info. From the check out page the sales funnel architecture must lead customers to confirmation page.
The confirmation page completes and wraps the order. Here it is important for retailers to provide information on special offers and urge the customer to return to the site. These special offers can be formulated exclusively for those who have shopped on the website for a certain amount.
Crafting the most streamlined and powerful sales funnel architecture will ensure maximum conversion rate.