how to bring traffic to your website

You’ve created a wonderful website and even had it optimized for the search engines, but after a few months online, it still has not generated the traffic you want. What are you doing wrong?


If you’ve sat back and waited for visitors to magically appear, you’ve missed the mark. Just designing a search engine friendly website and letting the search engines know it exists is not enough.  Once your website has been designed with both the search engines and your customers in mind, you need to build traffic to your website and that takes both time and patience.


Below are 6 steps to help you build traffic to your website.


Purchase Ad Space.

If you cannot afford to advertise in national publications, start small by advertising in local publications, topic-related e-zines (or e-newsletters), and themed websites.


Write And Distribute Articles.

Pick a topic that helps educate your target audience about your product and/or service, then write a 500 word educational article—one that is non-sales pitchy.  Once the article is written, distribute it, for free, to e-zines, newsletters, and websites that reach your target audience. You can also pitch your ideas to national, paying publications—though the process from idea to publication can take 12 to 18 months.


Get Interviewed.

Getting interviewed by reporters, journalists, and freelance writers, is easier than you think! All you have to do is join groups and/or websites (i.e. that bring journalist queries to your inbox.


Once you receive the set of queries, read through them, find the one that fits your company’s goals, then pitch your product and/or service.


You can also create a media page on your website giving journalists the okay to contact you regarding interviews.

Include a media kit, complete with photographs, press releases, sample question and answer segments, a frequently asked questions page with regards to your product and/or service, and coverage clips.


Socialize Online.

Visit target-related forums, message boards, and chat rooms. Chat with your target audience about things that concern them and only share information about your service and/or product when it fits the conversation. Your tagline will speak volumes on the days topics do not relate back to your company.


Join social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Create a log-in ID using your company name then build two-way communication with your followers. Share the latest happenings about your company, offer product samples and/or discounts, answer questions posed on these networks, and retweet (or forward) ideas that were shared by your followers regarding your industry and/or company.


Host A Workshop.

Speak at topic-related functions or create your own. It’s the perfect opportunity to share your company’s products and/or services with individuals already interested. Your workshop can be in lecture form, or hands-on tutorials.


Create Viral Videos.

Create a video that demonstrates how to use a company product, or share a lecture that teaches your target audience about your industry. Include opening and closing credits so that viewers know how to reach you and how to purchase your service or products.